Look no further than a staycation for your next golf tour

by Ross Bousfield | February 3, 2021

With uncertainty surrounding foreign travel, as well as the hassles of testing and hotel quarantines for UK arrivals, the demand for the staycation is unsurprisingly seeing a continuation of the boom we experienced in 2020.  

Research has shown that 83% of UK travellers would prefer to travel domestically in 2021, citing several fearsnot least for their health, as factors. 

Thankfully, from a golfing perspective, we are fortunate to have many of the world’s best golf courses in the UK and Ireland – along with many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. 

With holidaying golfers being forced to cancel or postpone their trips in 2020, many looked close to home for their golfing fix.  

They found that the UK golf scene can cater to all groups, be it bucketlist chasers or those sticking to a budget. 

I personally took the chance to go on a couple of golf tours last year when restrictions permitted and was fortunate enough to experience Ayrshire, St Andrews and Kent 

On each trip we picked one bucket list course along with a couple of more affordable options for our budgetWhile we were fortunate with the weather on each occasion, only needing to don the waterproofs for one round in St Andrews, the verdicts were unanimous that a UK golf tour is hard to beat. 

Where does the Top 100s Tour fit into this?  

Wellthis year we have added to our schedule to accommodate for last year’s demand with over 30 events in the diary for 2021 – and a few more could be on the way so keep your eyes peeled!  

My colleague Georgina has co-ordinated the events where possible so that almost all are part of a two or threecourse SwingThat makes the events ideal for those looking to book their own mini tours either as an individual or as a group.

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In addition to this, and to make things simpler for those planning their itinerarieswe are offering accommodation packages for the first time at our most popular Swings. 

We have handpicked hotels that are ideally suited to golf tours in their respective regions. They are wellpriced with the added bonus that if you book through our website you will also be entered into a draw to win a TaylorMade driver.  

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This makes NCG a one stop shop for your next staycation! 

If 2020 proved anything it was that there is a huge appetite for golf – and specifically golf in the UK. 

Looking forward to the year ahead it is fair to say that when it comes to amateur sportgolf will be one ofif not the first, to open its doors. 

In relation to travel, the staycation is here to stay and I for one will be embracing it as soon as restrictions permit. 

I’m delighted to join the NCG Top 100s Tour team and I look forward to helping you plan your ideal staycation in 2021. 


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