Gullane No 2

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Forever damned by faint praise and unable to escape from the shadow of its bigger, brawnier, older sibling, this should not be the case with No.2 

Gullane No 2 was designed in 1898 by Willie Park Jr. It’s a shade under 6,400 yards with three short holes and a pair of par 5s. Much of the layout is alongside and intertwined with Gullane No 1. Frankly, for long spells the holes are interchangeable in terms of quality. 

You can also rely on the quality of the turf, one of Gullane’s calling cards. It’s just the firmest, crispest linksland you could hope to walk on and play from. Nor does it seem to make much difference what time of year you are here. 

Just like on No 1, the first challenge at Gullane No 2 is to find a way to get to the good stuff, which is on the far side of the hill and the course comes into it’s own 

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