Fulford Golf Club

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Long before the Race to Dubai was conceived, Fulford was home to one of the most popular events on the professional calendar. The folk of Yorkshire were privileged enough to watch legends of the game here over a period of 20 years as the Benson & Hedges called Fulford its home between 1971 and 1989, and then the Murphy’s Cup in the early 1990s. 

The 17th hole is part of golfing folklore. The image of a young Bernhard Langer perched precariously in the ash tree at the side of the 17th green, after his approach became lodged in its branches, is one that has been seen by many eyes around the world. 

But Fulford’s notoriety should not be limited solely to this snapshot in history. 

Before your round allow yourself the luxury of arriving early and make your way to the bar. While you are there, pay a cursory glance to your left at the honours board that adorns the wall at the end of the bar and you will need little more motivation to get out onto the course. 

While Fulford’s 6,900 yards off the backs led to Fulford’s retirement from the tour. It is still plenty long enough to challenger those of us that consider golf to be a hobby. 

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