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Cruden Bay

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At 6,395 yards to a par of 70, by modern championship standards its vital statistics are distinctly modest. Much like St Andrews, the ideal on which its original design was based, length comes a distant second to position in terms of importance.

As the club’s professional, Robbie Stewart, says: “Missing the target will not make the subsequent shot impossible – only more difficult.

In other words, it’s a course that reveals its true nature gradually and over a period of time. Play it once and you can’t possibly hope to uncover even a fraction of its eccentricities and secrets. Play it twice and that task remains essentially just as big.

The impressive new clubhouse, built on the site of the hotel, commands a view of the sweep of the bay, several holes and the ruins of Slains Castle, just a mile up the coast, the perfect spot to conclude your round regardless of your score.

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