How to book a Top 100s Tour event

So you can smoothly book our NCG Top 100s Tour events, we have compiled a how to page to help you along the way.

Finding an event

All our events are displayed on the events page on our website.

Simply click the event you wish to enter.

Finding Registeration

To make your way to the event portal simply click the “Register For Event” button and this will take you to the Golf Genius portal for the event of your choice.


To begin your registration choose your registration option and fill out all of the below details…

Full name
Membership Number (CDH no.)
Handicap Index
Affiliation (Home Club)
Phone Number

When you have done this for you or all your group, follow the onscreen instructions to pay for the event.

Please note when Golf Genius asks for a Membership number for yourself or any of your playing partners, this is your CDH number.


Congratulations, you have booked one of our NCG Top 100s Tour events.

We will next be in contact three weeks prior to your day of play.